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    Shop Local this Holiday Season!

    Instead of shopping online, let’s show our appreciation for the local businesses and retailers in our community that support good jobs in Oklahoma and Texas.


    UFCW Local 1000 is proud to represent our members who work at HAC and Kroger. Our members are trusted experts in their fields, and take pride in their ability to produce quality products and provide exceptional service.


    Thanks to good local retail businesses that invest in their workers, our members are able to put customer service first and earn the extra pay they need to support their families as they work this holiday season.

    These are good local jobs that provide real value to these local businesses, our community, and the customers they serve.


    That’s why we’re asking everyone to skip online shopping this holiday season and come visit local retailers and small businesses that keep our community strong and protect good middle-class jobs.


    Ricky Burris is the President of UFCW Local 1000.


    Open Enrollment

    Open enrollment for health insurance this year is 11/15 to 12/16 (HAC) and 11/20 to 12/16 (Kroger) so if you need to find health insurance information visit the NEBA website or call 8008425899.


    Only people with changes or qualifying events (like being a new hire and qualifying for coverage, adding a child or spouse, etc) will be asked to enroll.


    Everyone else will keep their healthcare choices from last year, as long as you meet eligibility requirements. Please read any mail or email you receive from NEBA carefully.


    To visit your open enrollment website please visit these links:


    HAC: https://os.nebainc.com/Care1000Enroll


    Kroger: https://os.nebainc.com/Med1000Enroll


    To request a paper open enrollment packet be mailed to you, email these inboxes:


    HAC: enrollment@secure.neba-fl.com

    Kroger: m1000enrollment@secure.neba-fl.com

    Overtime Issues Continue at Kroger

    For our Kroger members, according to Article 9.03 in your contract, if a full-time employee is required to work outside of his regular schedule, he shall not be required to take time off from his schedule that week in order to avoid payment of overtime. Know your rights!


    Has this happened to you in violation of the contract?

    Let us know:


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