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  • Waco, TX

    Over 400 Texas poultry workers at the Pilgrim’s Pride plant in Waco have voted overwhelmingly to unionize and joined UFCW Local 540.


    Minnesota Instacart Deal Ensures Unionized Grocery Workers Fulfill Online App-Based Grocery Pickup Orders at Cub Foods.

    Houston, TX

    Stronger TOGETHER! Local 1000 Union Rep Debra Donwerth is pictured rallying for our brothers and sisters in Houston as they negotiate for vital benefits in their next Kroger Contract.


    California Cannabis Workers Stand Together for a Better Life. Workers at the March and Ash cannabis dispensary in Mission Valley, Calif., joined UFCW Local 135 for the better wages and benefits that come from being a member of our union family. “You don’t have to despise your job to want union protections or benefits,” said Russell Frost, who works as a delivery driver at the Vista location. “I think it makes March and Ash an even better employer – it’ll fix some gaps that aren’t perfect, so I think it will make this an even better job.”


    Grissom Air Reserve Base Workers in Indiana Join Local 700. The new members of UFCW Local 700 work in base supply, vehicle management, property management, and fuel management.


     Members of UFCW Local 328 who work at Cresco Labs in Fall River, Mass., ratified a first union contract that raises wages and improves benefits. Cresco Labs is one of the largest multistate cannabis operators in the country!

    New Jersey

    Health Care Workers Ratify New Contract With Local 152. The workers are employed in the dietary, maintenance, housekeeping and grounds divisions.

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    Kroger Members!

    Do you have unused vacation from 2021? 

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    Information about the COVID-19 Vaccine

    The UFCW knows how hard our members and other essential workers continue to work to provide for their communities during the pandemic. 
    We want to make sure our members have the important information they need about the COVID-19 vaccine and how to access it. 
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    Essential Worker Study

    You have been invited to participate in this research effort that will allow you to share your views, opinions, and experience.


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    Up to $9,000 in Financial Assistance

    Beginning April 12, 2021, families who have lost a loved one to COVID-19 can apply to receive financial assistance for burial costs.

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    $250 Cash Card for Grocery Workers!

    Emergency support to grocery workers to ease their financial challenges. Eligible grocery workers in the United States can apply to receive up to $250 in the form of a cash card.


    SmartCare for Kroger Members

    Get the details on your new health insurance HERE.

    Kroger Members!

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