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    (Collective Bargaining Agreement)

  • Kroger Contract

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    HAC Contract

    Read your Homeland Stores contract here.

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    TCU Sodexo Contract

    Read your contract at Texas Christian University.

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    Work Services - SAFB Commissary

    Read the contract with SAFB Commissary here!

    Work Services - SAFB Postal Services

    Read your Work Services at SAFB Postal Services Contract.

    OK Foods

    Read your contract at OK Foods

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    South Oak Liquors

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    Gino Morena - Fort Sill Barbers

    Read the contract for Fort Sill Barbers.

    Gino Morena - Fort Sill Beauty Shops

    Read the contract at Fort Sill Beauty Shops

  • Something going wrong at work?

    Use your union contract's grievance procedure!


    Step 1

    Has the contract been violated?

    If a union member thinks his or her rights under the union contract have been violated, the first step is to discuss the matter with a shop steward or union representative. Call 817-421-1003.


    Should the union determine a violation of the contract may have occurred, there will be an attempt to resolve the issue with the store manager.


    You can email us grievance details and statements at grievances@ufcw1000.org or filling out this form http://bit.ly/UFCWGrievance.

    Step 2

    Laying out the facts

    If a resolution is not reached, a meeting and/or phone conference is held with the employer (sometimes the store manager, district manager, or human resources as the case may be) in a further attempt to resolve the issue. If it is still not resolved, the issue may proceed to another step.

    Step 3

    Finding a resolution

    This step is for Human Resources and the Local's grievance team to sit down face to face and bring the matter up with all relevant facts and the contract. Rarely, another step is needed -

    arbitration, in which an outside neutral arbitrator hears the case from both union and company representatives and delivers a binding decision.

  • Fill out a grievance statement!

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