• Grocery Workers Are Essential

    Read our advocacy on behalf of food and grocery workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    A message from Presidential Candidate Joe Biden to our UFCW members

    "This election is an opportunity to restore the backbone of our nation - the middle class- and ensure that working families, the women and men who built this country and keep it moving, even amid an unprecedented public health crisis, are treated fairly, with dignity and respect."


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    Local 1000 Members - Your VOTE MATTERS!

    As frontline workers during this pandemic, it's you especially that has borne the burden of the political antics and/or inaction. A union's interests lie with the policies that improve the quality of life of our members. For your reference, we have linked below information regarding polling sites, the issues of this election directly relating to you, as well as a list of candidates we believe have your interests in mind. We encourage YOU to exercise YOUR voice and influence by VOTING.

    Remember to VOTE EARLY!

    See what's on your Ballot - Texas & Oklahoma

    Polling Sites - Texas & Oklahoma

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    UFCW Local 1000 Endorsements - Texas & Oklahoma

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    Know Your Voting Rights - When We All Vote


    Read President Burris letter urging Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley to give grocery workers access to testing; mandate masks at essential businesses

    President Burris is joined by Tarrant County Central Labor Council President Brian Golden to urge Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley to do more for grocery workers that keep Tarrant County families fed.

    How the CARES Act Helps UFCW Members

    The CARES Act, passed just recently, greatly expands unemployment benefits, insurance coverage, and provides a number of other benefits. If your workplace has been closed due to coronavirus or you have been laid off, consult this website for more information on benefits: https://www.dol.gov/

    Read President Burris op/ed urging Governor Abbott to act now

    We’ve all seen the pictures on social media, or the nightly news. Texans are flooding into their local grocery stores to stockpile cleaning supplies, food and, of course, toilet paper. They pile into these stores because they are worried. They pile in because they want to protect their families, and because they want to feel safe.

    Read President Burris letter urging Governor Abbott to name grocery workers first responders

    President Burris sent letters today to Governor Greg Abbott and Governor Kevin Stitt asking them to name grocery workers as essential workers and provide benefits by executive order. Grocery workers are on the front-line of this pandemic and our roles need to be acknowledged.

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