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  • President Joe Biden's Accomplishments for Working Families and Labor Unions

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    In June 2023, UFCW International President Marc Perrone released the following statement:


    “President Biden has been a strong champion for the tens of millions of hard-working people across this nation, especially our UFCW 1.3 million essential workers who perform a vital role in our nation’s economy. Throughout his presidency, he has fought not just for the issues that matter to our union members, but prioritized investing in good jobs, strengthening workers’ rights, and passing legislation that will benefit all workers and their families.


    “The UFCW is proud to endorse President Biden for a second term, and we look forward to supporting our shared fight to build a stronger and more just nation for all Americans.”


    What has President Biden accomplished for working families?


    President Joe Biden's administration has made significant strides in prioritizing the welfare and rights of working families and labor unions. Through a series of legislative actions and executive orders, his administration has worked tirelessly to address the challenges faced by working families and to empower labor unions. In this blog post, we will explore President Joe Biden's accomplishments for working families and labor unions.


    1. American Rescue Plan:


    One of President Biden's first major achievements was the passage of the American Rescue Plan. This comprehensive relief package aimed to combat the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy and working families. It included direct stimulus payments to individuals, extended unemployment benefits, child tax credits, and funding for small businesses, among other provisions. The plan provided much-needed financial support to struggling families and helped to stabilize the economy during these challenging times.


    2. Infrastructure Investments:


    President Biden has been a strong advocate for infrastructure investments, recognizing their potential to create jobs and stimulate economic growth. He introduced the American Jobs Plan, a $2.3 trillion proposal focused on rebuilding the nation's infrastructure, improving transportation systems, and expanding broadband access. This ambitious plan aims to create millions of well-paying jobs, particularly in sectors such as construction and clean energy. By prioritizing infrastructure, President Biden demonstrates his commitment to revitalizing the economy and improving the lives of working families.


    3. Pro-Labor Policies:


    President Biden has taken several significant steps to strengthen labor unions and protect workers' rights. He signed an executive order on his first day in office that revoked a previous order banning federal contractors from discussing or organizing unions. This action sent a clear message that the administration supports workers' rights to collectively bargain and advocate for better working conditions. Additionally, he appointed a pro-labor Secretary of Labor, Marty Walsh, who has been instrumental in advancing policies that benefit working families and labor unions.


    4. Protecting Workers' Safety:


    President Biden has made worker safety a top priority, especially in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. His administration has taken steps to ensure that workers have access to safe and healthy working environments. This includes issuing workplace safety guidelines, increasing inspections, and enhancing protections for whistleblowers. By prioritizing worker safety, President Biden demonstrates his commitment to safeguarding the well-being of working families across the nation.


    Learn more about the Biden administration’s accomplishments for working families. 

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    Everything You Need to Vote


    As you know, as a Union we stick together and support one another beyond the job site. We help make sure that the voice and interests of working families are heard and listened to on a political level, as well as at work.
    Thanks to all of us, Local 1000 is a leader in North Texas and Oklahoma in fighting for issues that matter to working people.
    As the uncertainty and danger of the past three years showed us, the political will and organizing of Local 1000, the UFCW, and the entire labor movement was crucial in securing needed protections and relief for essential workers during the pandemic.
    It is vitally important that we have pro worker allies in Austin, Oklahoma City, on our county commissions, and in our City Halls. Please pledge to show up to the polls, regardless of how many barriers are put in our way, and to support Pro worker candidates.  

    When we stick together, we win!

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