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    Voting is the duty of every UFCW member.

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    Everything You Need to Vote


    As you know, as a Union we stick together and support one another beyond the job site. We help make sure that the voice and interests of working families are heard and listened to on a political level, as well as at work.
    Thanks to all of us, Local 1000 is a leader in North Texas and Oklahoma in fighting for issues that matter to working people.
    As the uncertainty and danger of the past three years showed us, the political will and organizing of Local 1000, the UFCW, and the entire labor movement was crucial in securing needed protections and relief for essential workers during the pandemic.
    It is vitally important that we have pro worker allies in Austin, Oklahoma City, on our county commissions, and in our City Halls. Please pledge to show up to the polls, regardless of how many barriers are put in our way, and to support Pro worker candidates.  

    When we stick together, we win!

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    UFCW members have a voice in politics. ABC is our collective voice.