• Politics and Legislation

    Union families are under attack across America. We have to fight back.

    UFCW members will play an integral role in this year’s mid-term elections.

    In Oklahoma and Texas, we have the chance to vote for new leaders every two years. There are competitive Congressional and state House seats across both states. Our elected representatives in Oklahoma City, Austin, and Washington D.C. have failed us. They pass policies like ‘Right to Work’ to divide us and weaken our union contracts. The Affordable Care Act, though a necessary step in improving our nation’s healthcare, left much to be desired in how it negatively affected union healthcare plans. We have the chance to change our country’s trajectory every election cycle. We can elect better leaders that have our interests at heart and the interests of working people. Get registered to vote. Find your polling place. Learn about the candidates. Do your civic duty and vote. Let us know how we can help.


  • Active Ballot Club

    UFCW members have a voice in politics. ABC is our collective voice.

  • Get Registered to Vote!

    Voting is the duty of every UFCW member.

    Make your voice heard in your community.